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  • Educational and audiovisual platform for coexistence

  • A free and easy-to-use project

  • A two-season web series

  • Didactic guides that accompany the audiovisual

  • A project by young people and for young people

After the first two seasons of "We" - in which the Montblanc foundation, has promoted and made possible the creation of this project, in close collaboration with a group of young volunteers self-named Young Souls, who has presented it to various competitions in which it has obtained awards such as best web series, best director, best actor and others, and given the cinematographic quality that it has been achieving - the project has evolved towards themes that exceed our objectives.

For this reason, the following seasons as well as the rest of the activities related to the project that can currently be found on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and other networks and platforms, belong exclusively to their producers.

We hope that the series continues to reap the same success as it has so far !!!

Educational Project


we believe in education in values


Educational and audiovisual project carried out expressly to sensitize and make adolescents reflect

  • We educate
    from an interactive and visual perspective, we bring issues that concern adolescents in the classroom so that they can talk and reflect.

    We innovate
    with fictions expressly shot by the project and supervised by volunteer teachers from Catalonia.

    For Free
    absolutely all the program material is free for all educational centers that want to work with the project in the classroom.



It is the main theme of the audiovisual pieces. We treat how this harassment has led to social networks and we provide positive solutions to combat it

Gender and Women

The female gender is at the center of the story so that both men and women can reflect on the vision of the female gender in adolescence.

Social networks

They are a tool that many teenagers use without having received an education about them. Therefore, we show the consequences of a misuse of this tool.


We try to approach the family in the lives of adolescents not as an enemy, but as someone to whom we can explain problems that can help.


We fight so that the differences between ethnic groups are less and less pronounced at adolescent age where self-discovery takes a lot of strength.


It is one of the most relevant aspects in adolescence. For this reason, we exemplify various situations where confrontation, dialogue and forgiveness are present.


With "We" we intend to:

- Provide free educational tools

- Educate adolescents in values

- Give creative solutions to social conflicts


We offer two webseries made up of short pieces dealing with topics such as bullying, gender, the relationship with parents and friends, and social networks.

Aimed at tutorials or subjects of ethics and citizenship of Upper Primary Cycle, ESO, Baccalaureate and Cycles.

In the chapter section, you will be able to see the synopsis of the pieces, as well as the duration of each one and the link to the pedagogical activities that we propose to complement the videos.


If what you have read is interesting to you, register on the platform; it is a short and simple procedure.

Afterwards, you will have direct access to viewing the content and activities completely free of charge. As many users as necessary can be registered to comfortably use the materials without any kind of commitment.
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Our Team

The audiovisual and educational project produced by the Montblanc Foundation for the promotion of women has been possible thanks to several entities and companies that have collaborated and believed from the beginning:
Atrápalo, Colegio Sant Marc de Sarrià, Epic, Princess Margaret, DomesticoRent Barcelona, Blanquerna Faculty of Communication and the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

In addition, the dossiers of activities have been written from the experience of volunteer teaching staff of the Foundation's "Mou Fitxa" program who, in a totally altruistic way, have contributed their knowledge in the dynamics that we propose and will be able to find once they get registered.

Regarding the audiovisual factor, Montblanc has had the support of a team of young people (Young Soul) who have not only contributed their professionalism, but also their own experiences.

Thanks to the audiovisual quality of the project, we have won several cinematographic recognitions where proximity and naturalness stand out when working on adolescent conflicts through fiction

Montblanc Foundation for women promotion

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