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Adapted syllabi for the new Kamalini campus

Construction on the new campus of the Kamalini Training School, in New Delhi, is making good progress.


The syllabus for it has already been settled. 

Kamalini will adapt its syllabus to the industrial needs of the country in order to offer a high-quality training in the interest of prospective employers. It will offer training areas that will allow thousands of women per course to be qualified according to the skills defined by the General Management of Employment and Training Administration.

The main course in Kamalini include managerial training, as well as teaching the students how to read and write. Other courses touch on subjects such as the hotel industry, household chores, the textile trade, new technologies and languages. Accommodations will be provided for students coming from further areas and a block for practicing the hotel industry.


The value of education for women in India is much lower than for men. Girls leave school earlier and lose the opportunity to gain skills that would increase their chances of having access to the workplace.

Further, many of them are obligated to move from their rural areas of origin to the city in order to work and help their families. Additionally, women are harshly discriminated due to their gender, not only by their families but also by society in general. The success achieved in Kamalini is attributed mainly to the flexibility and adaptability to the real needs of the students.

The low-cost of studying, the safety of the environment and the support and personal assistance the students are offered explain the excellent results from all the women that have had the oportunity to train in Kamalini.

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