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Living passionately!


Last Friday, March 6th, Victor Küppers made a speech called "Vivir con entusiasmo" ["Living passionately"] in the University of Barcelona. The speech was intended for young people who volunteer in the training program for the Mou Fitxa project.

For an hour we were given the opportunity to reflect on the importance of our attitude in our daily lives: it is possible to live differently and tackle life with passion. It is in our power to smile, live happily and enthusiastically, making our life easier than those around us. Furthermore, helping others is the most simple and free way of being happy. We can't change the circumstances that surround us, but we can choose our attitude towards all that confronts us, play down the problems and see things positively. You choose!

Montblanc Foundation for women promotion

Muntaner 341, Planta 3 - 08021, Barcelona

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