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Eva Camarasa, volunteer from Mou Fitxa, visits us

In early June, Montblanc invited Eva Camarasa to see the Foundation. Throughout the visit, she told us several stories about what she had experienced over the past year whilst doing voluntary work for the Retirement and Care Home Organisation at the Pare Vilaseca Retirement Home.

The voluntary work is coordinated by Alma Ros-Zanet with great success: in less than one year 15 adult female volunteers have been recruited, who are often accompanied by their daughters.

Taking advantage of her visit, the Foundation decided to do an interview with her so that she could explain to the donors and supporters of the Foundation what it means to be a volunteer and how she feels.

Eva told us she is very happy about the experience that she gains every week through providing company to elderly people. In fact, she describes it as something magical that really fulfils her. She explains to us that being a volunteer does not require a lot of time. The only thing you need to do is to want to do it: to have the desire to be one, and to get yourself organised.

From the very beginning, Eva told us that, without a doubt "they give you so much more than you give them". What many grandparents are looking for is to have someone sit next to them that they can talk to; just doing this puts the most incredible smile on their faces. She also says that she has learned a lot by volunteering and that thanks to the Foundation, the volunteers from Mou Fitxa receive training that makes them more effective in their work, acquiring a great understanding of human nature and people's needs at this period in their lives.

For Eva it has been quite an experience, which is made clearly visible in the joy and positive energy that she does not hesitate to pass on spontaneously to her family; this is how her daughter, along with some classmates, started to dedicate a piece of her time on Friday afternoons to the grandparents of the Pare Vilaseca Retirement Home.

If you want to know more about Eva's experience, watch the following video.

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