The Program of Voluntary work of the Foundation Montblanc marks the strategic lines and aims that we try to achieve, adapting to the current needs of the major people and the families, and guaranteeing a great quality to humanizes our volunteers.

In ours project, there's a lot of kinds of voluntary work: from a punctual and brief collaboration (1h), up to the awkward voluntary work of 2h a week. They inform young women, adults, professionals, pensioners and marriages. In any case, we consider common qualities to all the volunteers: the capacity of commitment; to recognize, to respect and to defend actively the dignity of the persons, and to promote their integral development.

Montblanc cooperate with

If you are the one who does not have the time, and instead you can contribute financially to the operation of the program, we need your help. In which? For both the essential financing of the Foundation's activities and the start-up of new projects.

Of course, your donations have a tax reduction in the I.T.I. for individuals and in the C.T. for legal persons. In addition, you will always be informed when receiving our printed and digital publications.