Playing twister and other adventures

Since it is Saturday and there is no school, we took the opportunity to go to Marimba and organize outdoor games with nursery children and those from the primary schools. It was a chaotic morning but the children were happy and they kept running and jumping across the field. We played soccer, twister (hand made in Barcelona), balloons and other games. They were ecstatic. We have been able to appreciate the simplicity of children; they really do not need much to play with. What has impressed us the most is that they have been thrilled with some green ribbons that we have given them to play a game. These ribbons have been made with the plastic that is used in airports to wrap suitcases; even with a piece of plastic they are happy! We are very shocked by this type of situation because we are very accustomed to a materialistic and consumerist society. It is during these moments when you realize that the happiness of a human being is based on affection and love from those closest to you.

Upon arriving at Kimlea, we prepared a "Spanish dinner".  As they have dinner super early here (at 6pm), we have to get to work quickly. We work in two groups; Tere, Katty, Nuria, Elena and Miriam are in the Kitchen while all the others are in charge of decorating the room with flowers, fans, sevillanas and a Spanish map. In the kitchen we rush since we did not have much time, but it is a success, thanks to our "Lady Katty". We surprise them with a salmorejo decorated, omelette and a cheesecake. We also made the bread with different shapes by hand. We had a great time and they loved it a lot and were very grateful. It has been very special. We do not want to leave Kenya ... See you tomorrow.