Intense day in Maramba

During the week we only deal with the nursery school children as the older ones go to different schools, though on many days they do not go because they do not have school fees or bus fare.

We started the day by reviewing numbers, letters and some exercises to establish a routine to use to review each day before starting with the day’s activities. Then we planted lentils. Each child had a plastic cup, cotton and some lentils. We planted them and watered them every day to see how they are growing. Then we gave them plasticine to play with.

After lunch, we went to Gatina to visit some very poor families. We were very shocked to see the conditions in which they live and we were happy we brought some things such as blankets and pillows. Katty and Mapi stayed in Kimlea baking a cake for an event attended by 70 people to promote the projects of Kimlea. In the evening the students from Kimlea invited us to have a disco with them; we alternated between African dances and Spanish dances.